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On Saturday February 27, passionate food lovers, cultural enthusiasts and the city’s most stylish citizens will be gathering at a mystery Auckland location to enjoy French-inspired picnic fare.

Le Dîner en Blanc, first conceived in Paris almost 30 years ago is a sophisticated event which brings new meaning to the term ‘moveable feast’. Guests gather, dressed head to toe in dreamy white attire, with gourmet feasts, fine china and silverware at the ready, and settle in for a night of chic dining and entertainment after travelling en masse to an open-air location somewhere in the city.

Juliette Hogan is Le Diner en Blanc’s fashion partner and ambassador for 2016, and as a lover of quality fabrics in whimsical white and neutral tones, she knows a thing or two about wearing the angelic shade with grace.

Here she shares her top tips for wearing white to get you in the mood for the dining experience of the season…

“Wearing a full white outfit is the epitome of posh. A woman wearing all white has thought about her day’s activities to ensure she remains as fresh and put together as when she first left the house.

Tailoring and fit are key to pulling off such a challenging task. Consider your fit and review it from all angles. Any catching, lines or pulling will turn that beautifully elegant outfit into just the look you were hoping to avoid. A beautifully tailored pair of trousers must never been worn tight. That white silk dress must skim the body, never hug.

Consider fabrications and textures. I just love juxtaposing a beautiful silk back with a linen piece, or sequins with a crepe pant.

Balance your silhouette beautifully by wearing a high neckline with just the right hint of skin showing through the back of your outfit.

Hold yourself in a manner that suggests you are incredibly confident in your attire but never let your outfit speak for you.”

Register your interest for Le Diner en Blanc now at and view Juliette’s own Diner en Blanc white edit here.

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